We talk about the importance of proper weight with my cats all the time. Since Tom turned 4 last year, I really wanted him to end up with the best quality of life before he starts going into middle age. We heard from the vet that he was overweight and I didn’t disagree… Tom was almost 21 pounds.

Tommy got started on Feline Metabolic last summer and he’s had good results. I’m so pleased with his progress that our second male-in-command is on it too. Stewart is approximately 4 lbs overweight and came to our house with asthma, so I’m always concerned about keeping him in top health to reduce his symptoms.

Additional weight can be very limiting to what our pets can achieve. Tommy was having difficulty jumping in and out of the guinea pig pen. Some pets issues are more severe. Watch this story about a dog named Bear that was unable to walk until his parents got him on the right track with the Metabolic formula.

I’m also really proud of Norman
Here is his before and after:

Hill’s® Prescription Diet® Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution provides clinically proven nutrition that naturally activates metabolism to burn calories and regulate appetite.

Your pet’s quality of life and relationship with your family is impacted because that extra weight can reduce play time, impact mobility and affect the lifelong general health of your dog or cat.

Nutritionists and veterinarians at Hill’s developed this next generation formula with the pet owner in mind, offering a complete portfolio of dry food, canned food, and treats. These products work together to ensure safe and healthy weight loss and easy weight maintenance without making big changes or depriving your pet. Because the formula works with each pet’s unique metabolism, it also reduces the need for clients to precisely measure the food to safely achieve weight loss success. In real-world testing with pet owners and their pets at home, 88% of pets lost weight over two months. 74% of cat owners confirmed they would recommend Metabolic to their friends with overweight cats.

Right now Tommy is on 3/4 cup per day and Stewart at 2/3 cup. Feeding the correct amount will show the greatest results but, pet owners who sometimes fed their pets above the line in the measuring cup, still showed weight loss progress.

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