my veterinarian is a saint.

I’ve been stressed out for about a week over my guinea pig, Honey, and her hyperthyroidism.
She has to eat to stay alive and because of the tumor on her thyroid, she has to eat A LOT.

This has left me at some point without her favorite handfeeding formula and a frantic mind, hoping that she would stay and eff out of the 500 grams range. Her current weight had been about 640.

Now, in the past I had no issues with little Miss Honey eating what was given to her. I would take some Oxbow Critical Care in Apple Banana flavor and mix in some of Oxbow’s Daily C along with some herbal red raspberry leaf for reproductive support and she would slurp the entire mix up.

One day, she turned her nose up to it. I have no idea what happened, so I removed all the fancy stuff and just gave her it plain. No dice. At this point I was determined that my guinea pig hated me, that there was nothing I could do to save her skinny stubborn sole and she was just going to be a very slender piggie, much like my old guinea pig, Cat aka Catastrophe.

Honey proceeded to lose 250 grams and I decided to try a packet of something I’d never heard of before. Dr Wright left me with Recovery Plus packets and though they were expired, I thought it was worth a shot.

exclamation point a plus plus exclamation point

I called the vet for more packets and to get her an exam over her weight loss and that’s where we discovered the tumor. Dr. Wright left me with four more of the packets of Recovery Plus and put some more on order and also left me with a super weight gain (picture a ripped, buff piggie on steroids smacking a bowl of lettuce away in anger) formula, Emeraid.

Well, we ran out of the Recovery Plus. I even said to myself, “Think outside the box and get some regular flavored Critical Care instead of Apple Banana.” She didn’t care for that either. Then the doctor went to conference. Then during the conference found out that the order he placed was actually on backorder so he made contact with the product representative at the conference. He then express mailed me several packets to get me started again after we’d been out for about 8 days here. He then also found a vet that was coming back earlier than he had intended to be and sent two boxes home with him to meet me at that veterinarian’s practice after hours yesterday.

Completely above and beyond and absolutely resourceful.

Now I have her Recovery Plus and I mix with with the rather bland (YES I TRIED IT) Emeraid and she’s so happy.
I’m so relieved myself, as the last time I’d weighed her she was 621 grams. Her weight back on May 10th was 904.