And here I was, bored to myself and thinking, “Maybe, I do need a puppy.”

Puppy ain’t happening. I still have my hands full.

I thought I saw a cootie on Mu-Xi, but I wasn’t sure. So, then I checked Honey over and found a few. The lice infestation is mild. I didn’t see any around the ears and instead located them nearer the shoulders.

Lice in guinea pigs is not transferable to dogs, cats, people, etc. Lice on guinea pigs aren’t even transferable to bunnies, rats or mice. They all seems to have their own species of the parasite, as do the humans.

This brings me back to the task at hand… what supplies and time do I have available on my 31st birthday? Well, tons(of time) because I had a pseudo birthday the day before, since one of my best friend’s schedule would not allow for Sunday festivities. Supplies on hand were expired. My Lice n Easy shampoo from Gorgeous Guineas had expired six months ago. My coconeem melt from the same store was still fresh. I opted to use both and wing it until payday.

Total time invested: 30 full minutes
20 minutes for the melt
2 baths with expired lice n easy, with a 5 minute soak time

3 pigs in the kitchen sink for a half hour and I wasn’t even drinking yet


If I order fresh Lice n Easy on the 1st, it will take approximately 12 days to arrive and I’m already supposed to be giving them followup baths on a weekly interval, with supposedly weak shampoo.
But I could do the melts again with it and really go smother them out.

CocoNeem Melts can be used when your guinea has a skin problem and you’re not sure if it is Fungal or Parasitic. It will leave your guinea’s skin clean and moisturised and their hair soft and fluffy.

Well… I know… and I’m working with what I have as quickly as I can get it. The rest is crossing my fingers. When I get new shampoo delivered it will have only cost me $16 and take care of the problem without chemicals and vet visits, even though I love my veterinarian. Even still, this expired bottle may have worked it’s magic before the new supplies come. (this is why I cross my fingers because the sooner, the better, and the unknowing product efficacy)