New house. Poor birds.

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This place has really high ceilings downstairs. The ceiling fan (that doesn’t work) is at least nine feet overhead. When we moved in, the girls were in a tiny cockatiel cage, bored to death and flying everywhere.

Jak made it to the ceiling fan.

I walked upstairs where I could see above the ceiling fan. She flew up to me.

It was time to clip their beautiful wings back so they would not gain altitude.
I love their independence and flying ability. It breaks my heart to clip them.

But, it was done easily. And Dismal figured out how to build a single cage from their double wide flight cage.

Gently clipped, full size cage, protected floor from ikea at $12 AS IS section, and $4 to protect the walls with a vinyl shower curtain from Ross.

Things are going well until their next molt and I re-gauge their flying precociousness.

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