is going down still!

It’s supposed to be more gradual but he’s lost nearly 1 lb in the past month. His weight today is 19.79 and his first recorded weight was 20.88 on the 29th of March. I say nearly a pound because the scale does fib depending on which direction you have him lean in. It locks onto a weight when he stops moving long enough for it to take a solid reading. It’s still going steady and he feels fine. I will still be taking him his this summer for a checkup with the veterinarians.

As for the Gatefeeder, I’m going to write up a piece on it very soon with what we’ve been through so far. We’re still working with getting the girls accustomed to it and Dismal has wonderful ideas.

We did get to the Phoenix Pet Expo today and ran into The Honest Kitchen again and my friend picked up samples for her huskies. She hadn’t heard about them yet, so I’m glad I brought her along.

I did see something new I haven’t seen on shelves by Natural Balance… low calorie food for  Fat Cats. I have no opinion yet. I’ve only just gotten back in and thought I would write it down before I forget and get sidetracked by something else. I can sift through the other wares later.

I’m very happy my baby bub is doing so well on his progress. I, on the otherhand, lost my willpower the majority of the week and need to pick up an activity lesson for myself. I’m pretty sure I’m still sheeping about over here at approximately 200 lbs.