The birds are molting!
Koi, Jak and Idris hear my apprehensive laughter nearly every day this month. I find feathers in the bottom of the cage in the morning and place them in my cardboard jewelry box. I then judge a book by the cover. Are you going to be a butt with me today? I’d be a butt if my hair were falling out soooo…what kind of day are we going to have?

The parrots are very active right now during the molt. I’ve remembered to add red palm fruit oil to their pellets as it helps support their system during the demand to produce new feathers. So far the three fids are being great about the whole thing and talking to me quite a bit. Yesterday it was “gimme kissy?” and then ignored my kissies and edged towards the hand that was holding a Sloppy Joe.

“Gimme kissy?”.
Right. Give you sandwich. Got it.