The Gatefeeder is an excellent choice to let the girls eat food freely without having to resort to the Aikiou feeder. The plan was to move the Aikiou out of the way and end up only putting out portions twice daily for Tommy and Stewart and have the girls get whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted from the Gatefeeder. It’s an excellent little system and it also fits under the guinea pig pen without enough clearance. Those grids are 14 inches and it simply slides right under. However, the darkness inside the unit leaves a little paranoia for my particular ladies.

See, there’s Stewart. He’s a butt… royally. He’ll sneak up on anyone and your entire back end is exposed using the Gatefeeder, while your head is in a dark place. We tried using a book light to get the girls interested and interested they were, but would not use it. Last night Angel had a fit with the RFID tag on her collar and got the ring we attached it with stuck on her tooth. I took the collar off.

I can provide feedback on what to expect out of the box and other tips we used and if it were vice versa *boys needing it instead of the girls* we would have no issues at all. They’ve both tried to get into it.