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Skeeter is 887 grams and has bright red rear feet. Some spiking on the teeth on her left. Respiratory rate high. No feeling of growths or typical hormonal symptoms within abdomen. Weight loss gradual and fluctuating. Possible hypertension. Unlikely because of the nature of the weight loss, but possible. History of cystitis Oct 25, 2011. Calcium deposits in cage never ruled out belonging to Skeeter, only ruling in that some of them are Chai’s. Chai was xrayed and stone free Sept 2012.

Skeeter going in for xray tomorrow.

I don’t have a good feeling about this. My feeling is that the xray is going to be inconclusive but I hope it’s not.  I know something is going on with the girl but as with my pets just as it is with my car, intermittent issues are difficult to diagnose.