My parents are visiting in two weeks.

The furred and feathered headcount here is up to 12. The turkish angora cat has not be rehomed yet. Her prospective mommy is still working on getting her boyfriend’s offer on a house accepted. The three guinea pigs are well, the three green cheek conures are cheeky as ever and the 5 cats are bleeding me dry on litter and quality food.

The dog is, well, the dog. She wants to be a cat badly and doesn’t have anyone here to relate to except for me. I’m hoping my parents fall deeply in love with the dog and take her where she belongs; to be bossed around into being a dog by my parent’s two other canines.

Stewart (tuxedo cat) has received his inhaler from of all places, Turkey, last weekend. He’s almost pumped up on enough Flovent to discontinue to his oral bronchial dilator. He also likes to eat turkey legs and potato salad with egg. Surprise, surprise sneaking my food. I thought Tommy was my foodie but this kid has more unusual tastes while Tommy prefers to nibble on more conventional food. Stew does have this weird habit of trying to bury the bowl of dog food into some invisible force field that I can’t see, but is determined to walk circles around it apparently covering up the bowl with air. Temptations. They have him. He actually really likes dog food too.

Cat nails need clipped. Cats need bathed. Cats need FURminated.

Yay, Me.

Onwards to the pig pen. Clean digs due in an hour. Guinea pig laundry on the books.