Skeeter had her xray come back showing multiple small bladder stones that the vet believes she will pass on her own with some extra attention.

I haven’t seen it yet, as he has been busy with clients to get me the digital copy, but he did set me up with an aggressive treatment program. She’s going to be on anti-inflammatory medication for a week, tri-sulfa antibiotics for 28 days, glucosamine supplement with added vitamin C and sub-cutaneous fluids for at least 1 week daily.

This is the most extensive at-home treatment I’ve been given. The anti-inflammatories I understood. The antibiotics are to make sure there is no bacteria for a UTI while she’s had a history of bladder cystitis back to Oct 2011. The glucosamine ends up being for rebuilding the bladder wall because I guess it contains a mucous membrane. The sub Qs… those were fun… so far.

Guinea Lynx Article

First and foremost, Skeeter is a Skinny. Anything I do to her I get to see more vividly that any other guinea pig I’ve had. I haven’t worked with needles before but when my veterinarian gave me my invoice, supplies and a summary talk, he seemed to be confident that I had done this before. I saw a technician do it once, but Lala is not that fast of a learning machine.

Second, I don’t think I got the fluids to a high enough temperature prior to administration. She was not comfortable and jerked on the first plunge after I had already poked her. I had to poke her twice.

Third, Mu-Xi tried to drink from my guinea pig as she’s been dripping slowly. *skeeves*

Fourth, I’ve been dealing with my own personal hell lately with anxiety and depression so this is a f*cking blast, lemme tell ya. But I got this…

… and a glass of red wine. And the internet. And oh look! – a blog.