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And I screwed it up.
I was like, “yay!”
And then I was like, “Dis, I glued my fingers together. Can you grab this?”.


A nice kit. They seem to have upgraded my chain.


Chloe, whose urn was painted with a flat acrylic black vs the original stone finish. ‘Her Royal Highness, Princess Cabrielle, Ruler of all She Surveys’, Cabby and then Coco. All previous keepsake urn purchases containing my three cremated Guinea pigs’ remains.


The crematorium didn’t do a superfine grind on my girls so I had to grind them down further in my mortar w pestle. The top of the strawberry has a smaller hole than these fragmented remains.

And then I glued two of my damn fingers together when the super glue came out too fast as I was putting the final seal along the threads of the top.  The toothpick I was using to apply it ended up getting stuck in the opening. I gave it over to Dismal while I went to the bathroom to put nail polish remover on my hand.

He was able to get the toothpick out with a fine Dremel piece but the glue was already in the threads. He tried to run the closing piece back through them but it was too right and the pressure applied broke off the where it connects to a chain or cord.


We tried soldering it but it’s electrical solder and equipment so if I want to salvage this piece I may want to have it professionally done.

And I ordered another one because I figure repair would possibly cost the
$17 from Perfectmemorials.com

I still love it, but what a stupid error on my part. My fingers still look like they have dried snot cemented on them, but they separated in about a minute’s time.