Drinkwell 360 in Stainless Steel

I have written the company with no response. I have given it at least two weeks and I am letting you know how I feel and then I will be updating to sites like Petco and DoctorsFosterSmith.

For about four years I was using the Drinkwell Platinum without many issues. When the pump power was starting to decrease and the adjustment level had broken off I was faced with a decision:
Do you buy a new pump or a new fountain?

The pump would have ran around $30 and the fountain that I already had was so covered with calcium deposits over the years that I thought I would buy a new one and one that wouldn’t get the calcium deposits and lets face it, Stainless Steel is sexy.

For this purpose only, the 360 SS model was great. I can always see where I may have missed the crud that is left behind from having hard water. It’s also pretty. These are the two redeeming qualities and when I got it for $65 I felt so proud of myself.

HOWEVER: I have more than a few pets. Access to a ‘prefilter’ is a must with all the freaking hair I have around here from the cats and dog. On the Platinum there was a little plastic grate/door where the pump pulls the water into the unit and it can be accessed easily in the front at the bowl. I used to get hair off that thing every day.
The 360 model does not have this. It has a water resistant foam around the pump, under the metal cone and it gets slimy. Pain in my butt. You always have to dismantle the unit.

Another caveat about the 360 unit whether it’s in stainless steel or plastic, is that it’s available for sale in retail outlets but the charcoal filter is not. It has to be ordered online unless you can find a specialty pet shop that carries it because the big box chains do not.