I think it was the day before Halloween that Dismal found a stray tuxedo kitten. I had been calling him Junior because we already had a male cat. I groped him because I can’t see parts on a black cat and AH-HA he is still intact. I bathed him and took him to the vet and did his nails and generally just keeping him out of trouble whether we keep him or not.

He has chosen to be called Stewart, of all things. Among the other options he came up with were Gus and Jules but is now Stew the majority of the time.

He has had his FELV/FIV tests negative. He’s gotten all other shots except for the FELV/FIV booster next week and is scheduled to be neutered. He’s a weirdo little tux that has gained over a pound in less than two weeks and likes to sleep in the bathroom sink even if it’s still wet. He’s been running around here hitting every animal in the head and running on to hit another animal in the head. Tommy stares at him and Stew leaves. Nice try, dork.

As a Suckling Cat (I’ll link in the video later) he’s been given total control over Lime Bear.