I sent them an email a few weeks ago regarding the sale of bunnies at the Queen Creek location on Gantzel. I have received no response.
There were several ads along the internet forums for sale of bunnies by Tara’s Bunnies. There was also an ad on Craigslist and on the breeders website. It was for October 20th from 12noon until 5 pm.
I understand that this may have been a scam by the breeder to sell from the parking lot before getting caught by the shop but then again it may not. I told them that I won’t be buying from them anymore because they aren’t supporting adoption. I support local businesses and smaller chains but Petco has expanded their lines and carry what I need. They stopped selling bunnies years ago and promote Adoption First.

There are bunnies at the Humane Society. There are over a hundred bunnies at the Tranquility Trail in Scottsdale.

Party foul.