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Sept 25:
5:00PM: 908 grams
5:30pm: 10mL Critical Care
9:30pm: 6 mL Critical Care, 0.3 ml of buprenorphine, .35mL TMS (Tri-sulpha)
by Midnight:
Both kinds of potty, still sitting in one place. Scooped the poos from under her.

Sept 26:
9:00am: somewhat alert. Different location in the cage. consumed some salad mix
9:30am: bedding change. .3mL of buprenorphine, .35mL tri sulpha, .17 meloxicam | declined Critical Care after a few bites.
5:00PM: 902 grams. I can’t remember if I tried her with Critical Care
9:30PM: 15mL Critical Care, a bit more forcibly.35mL tri sulpha
salad given throughout the day

Sept 27:
Morning: alert. Tried to stand and penguin for salad. Meloxicam and tri sulpha. Seen eating her pellets. Bedding change. Urine ok but still a little low on poops. Should increase by end of day. Weigh in again during late afternoon.
12:00PM – completed appx 20mL of Critical Care. Most finished on her own. A few extra mL pushed on her since her poop output hasn’t seemed to catch up enough yet.
Early afternoon:
2 inch long skinny poop string. I fear she was genetically spliced with a goldfish during the procedure w the vet
10-15mL of Critical Care. Was not happy with me.
Short, soft cuts of timothy hay offered in a handful. Had not given previously because I didn’t want anything irritating the outside of her tummy. She’s glad to have it.
5:00PM weight 917 grams
9:45PM 11mL critical care. Tri sulpha. Eating hay. Cage has irregular poozers littering the place.

Sept 28: 2:30PM> Changed bedding this morning. Tri sulpha and meloxicam given. Put quarantined Chai into the pig pen (cage within the cage). Picked up new Vitamin C tabs at Petsmart. Unable to find Benebac anywhere. Typically it comes in a tube with a plunger for larger animals.
Crushed 1 whole vitamin C tab into Critical Care. Chai consumed 17mL today. Watched her drink from the water bottle.
7:20PM 889 grams
8:00PM at least 15 mL of Critical Care
10:40PM- trisulpha. Ty Dismal for the confirm and Pizza Hut for the sustenance through red wine

Sept 29:
Running a little behind.
Tri sulpha and meloxicam administered.
Alert to beg for salad. Given.
Part of her poops were coated in a sludge or creamy discharge. I admit I’m concerned.
Skeeter knows there is something wrong with Chai. Chai is in the pig pen huddled in a cozy while I do her laundry. Intend to administer Critical Care and then place her back in quarantine cage for monitoring.
2:00PM – Clean bedding. Back into quarantine cage. Consumed 15mL of Critical Care with a crushed vitamin C tablet. Has a bit of atrophy to the hind quarters.
7:00PM – 15mL of Critical Care

Sept 30:
11:00 Am Recheck w vet. Notes to come.
weight 868 grams
Administered meloxicam and trisulpha. Chai is showing blistering on the back of her rear foot. Applied Perfect Paws from Gorgeous Guineas.
8:00pm 13mL Critical Care w raspberry leaves and vitamin c added

Oct 1:
Salad for breakfast, Trisulpha, 10-13 mL of Critical Care w pureed watermelon, raspberry leaves and vitamin c tab added.
Placed in pig pen during laundry. Assumed Skeeter caused the bald patches now on her back. Noticed small amount of bleeding on lowest part of surgical site. Probable stitch pull. Back in quarantine cage sans baby blankets. No Hay given… may irritate wound.
10:00PM 13 mL of Critical Care w 1/4 tab vitamin C plus raspberry leaves and watermelon. Weight is now under 850 grams. Fights me at feeding. Ate pellets as was all she was given after salad and until tonight’s feeding. No bleeding. Hay given. Hay eaten and turned into bedding (her rules)

Oct 2 : 2:20PM – We’ve been losing roughly 20 grams per day. 826 grams. She seems to be in good spirits. I am not. Changed bedding. Tri-sulpha given this morning.
4:30pm 13 mL critical care and the fancy things I put in it. Had a small piece of apple with her hay.

Oct 3: Tri-sulpha. 12 mL Critical Care +RL+VC. salad this morning. Hay given 2Pm
13mL CC given. weight 818 grams.

Oct 4 NOON antibiotics given, 15mL Critical Care and the fancy other stuff I put in it. changed bedding. Happy eating hay in her clean digs and poops pretty much uniform. Surgical site inspection shows middle closed and healed, ends still scabby around suture heads.
This afternoon/evening took 12mL of CC mix. Tonight took antibiotics and weighed at 835 grams.

Oct 5 : Day review: both doses of antibiotics. Bedding change. Salad, pellets, hay, water good. Ate fancy blended Critical Care for lunch and I lost count of the mL but it was reasonable. About to have a second dose. Weight 847 grams before final CC admin for the day. Scab on surgical site falling off; skin a little too fresh. Suture tails visible. Pondering snipping through internal stitching desolves. Will investigate tomorrow and probably break out the Betadine.
appx 15mL CC consumed, maybe less or more (air bubbles and spittle) but I always push her to eat at least 13mL to push her weight gain.

Oct 5: Day Review: antibiotics, hay, salad, pellets, 13mL CC mix, weight 841 grams, 15mL CC mix pm. Scabbing almost totally gone from incision site, suture tails still showing, sore spots on rear feet still.

Oct 6: I am sick. I can’t breathe well. antibiotics. hay. salad. late on the bedding change. 1 feeding of CC. Weight 837. Holding well. I just can’t push for gains today.

October 9th. I’m done with this thread. Closed.