She ended up with a spay. That mass that was so firm we didn’t know what we were in for, ended up being a very full cyst that ruptured during the procedure. They suctioned the contents away and her respiratory rate didn’t appear to change. She did have issues with her bowels. My vet had to manipulate her intestines as there was a “zeppelin” trapped in there (his words). After the procedure she pooped continually for ten minutes once she anesthesia had worn off enough to bare down. It was easily an entire day’s worth of poos.

Things must have been pressing on other things *shrugs*
Poor baby.

I also opted to get an x-ray to make sure that with her age and calcium deposits in the urine, that we would not be opening her up at a later time to manage a bladder stone. Bladder appeared free of both sludge and stones. Yay.

It was mentioned that her platelets seem low. Her clotting is taking longer around the surgical site and there is quite a bit of leakage in fluid coming from my guinea pig’s belly. My hand was damp when I moved her from her carrier into the quarantine cage. She’s laying on a white baby burp rag that’s on top of a towel so I can keep an eye for an heavy bleeding.

Weight currently: 908 grams


Before her appointment. She’s shaved to treat her dandruff with diluted microneem, which won’t be happening now until next week.