but Chai makes such an interesting case right now. She’s spunky when she doesn’t want anything done to her. She’s getting a bit of bumblefoot on her rear foot. Her weight keeps dropping bit by bit. I had my one on one with the vet again today. As a followup he told me to take into consideration that she was having issues with her hormones before because of the cysts and now there is another new issue with hormones going on because she’s not going to produce anymore of her own.

I have a menopausal piggie.

I’m looking up raspberry leaves as a supplement that may help her inflammation. She’s dropping poos left and right but they aren’t uniform yet.

I was just talking to Dismal a few months back about how she kept getting her heat cycles nearing 6 years old and that she was still dropping the mucous plug every month and now she’s like my 50 year old mother.