I’m not sure if you have this chain in your area but it’s served me well. I can get easily in and out and the produce looks good. They have many choices of juice available right up front in the drink cases. I’ve stopped in and gotten bell peppers for the guinea pigs, green mixes for salads, greek yogurt for my old rat (he had this daily until he died) and picked up items for bird mash as well as stuff for us humans.

It’s a bit of a neighborhood market feel and that’s what they hoped to deliver. They also have a free member program that can load useful coupons to your shopper card or choose to get a higher point value when making specific item purchases. Points can be redeemed for dollar amounts off your bill once you reach 500.

I’ve been using them for my pet family for years. Every time I move I ask myself where the nearest Fresh & Easy is.

Sometimes this case is magical.