I’m going to start by referring back to this post:
Broken Blood Feather


It’s happening again, only more unicorn-y in nature…

Idris has been acting a little funny towards one of her wings. She’s aggressively protecting it from being inspected but hasn’t shown any lameness or favoring between the two wings when she’s active. The other wing was able to be inspected without much fuss. After what was considered a half-assed medicheck, We sent her back on her way.

Tonight I may have to find my pair of gloves.

Today I moved the Pig Pen to sweep. I found a variety of feathers on the floor along the wall. The birds have a perch on the wall, above the pig pen.

larger Green Cheek Conure feathers can be categorized by color:

I found one of each. The tip of the wing feather is hard to see but it’s not clear. It has dried blood AND CHEW MARKS. It was either damaged and she chewed it or she damaged it by chewing it off. She who? We did a color check between my two more vivid birds. It’s Idris, which explains her being an ass about her wing. Tonight we’re gearing up and going in.