For my area the best quote on an 8’x 4′ out of three calls I made belongs to Signarama. Alphagraphics doesn’t carry them and Fastsigns is only slightly more expensive.

Signarama is $20 and Fastsigns is $25 (plus taxes)
Both places only have white in stock but if I wanted to wait I may have been able to special order a color.

How to fit in a Volkswagen Jetta:

Fold EIGHT FOOT by FOUR FOOT sheet of corogated plastic in half LENGTHWISE. Rear seats down, through the trunk, up and over the headrests of the front passenger seat.

This is what I’ll be doing:

build a guinea pig pen

Dismal and I have also discussed moving the animals over towards the end of the move rather than the beginning. Reason is so that if there are any work orders that need to be performed after the initial walk-through then it would be no problem.