I think about rats often. I fought getting others shortly after the last girl had passed and I managed to wait out 8 months before I got my boys. I love them. Ratties do something silly for me and I hold them preciously when they get to be more than just a rat.

I want to do it again and I would like to do it better. I can’t even begin to prepare for the next time as I have too much stuff already and we plan to move soon to another apartment. I’m a bit consumed. I also want to get the parrots a new cage. I’m having an issue with rust. It’s driving me batty.

But I have a good thing with my pets and they are all adjusted well, except for Mu-Xi, my youngest guinea pig. When referring to my guinea pigs today, I told Dismal that I love my family; I just don’t love them as much as the ones that passed.

You know you can love so many of your pets but there are some that strike a chord with you more than others. I dearly miss Little Bastard, Emerson and Coco from the last year. I take care of my pets and I love them but I have a lull from the departure of those fuzzles.

My parrots are definitely interesting and my cat gives me a daily reason to get my butt out of bed. I feel like I shouldn’t miss them as much as I do when I have these characters still here for me.