When I was working, I used to be able to sleep through the night without waking up more than once.

Yesterday I cleaned the pig pen, did their laundry, washed the cat bean bag covers, the crate mat that we just have out as a lounge pad and the bolster bed. While the bolster bed was disassembled I took a look at the batting. It has dense handfuls of a poly fil in it that seem to have become compressed over the past year. I pulled it all apart and viola.

Before I brought it all upstairs and put the bean bags and the bed in their respective places, Tommy had already said it’s fine to keep the crate mat downstairs. Ok Tom.

Yes, My Cat communicates to me.

I wake up multiple times last night to find different cats between my feet, Dismal’s cat keeps staring at things I can’t see from the top of my night stand. Tommy stayed on the floor next to me. Sometimes he was on the bolster bed, other times on the floor next to it regulating his temperature and then back on the bolster bed. He stayed there until 10:30 this morning waiting for me to get up too.

I go to brush my teeth and he’s on the toilet seat watching vacantly. I asked him what was wrong and he mewed out something different than when he just simply wants something. He had a rough time sleeping too. We talked with my words and his body language while I hovered over him at the scratching pole. He was a little slow with it today and I asked if he needed a new one since a sisal rope broke and now the top of the pole has pigtails. He responded by playing with it more aggressively. He’s fine with the post the way it is lol.

Me and my cat have a thing going on. This is why he’s my companion.