It has only been four days since I removed the ends of Little Bastard’s sutures. Yesterday I noticed that he had firm mass under the bottom of his incision area where the knots had been snipped away. I got him into the vet today and was asked if I would like him to be put under while they check it out. My concern was an abscess. I told them no go ahead the way he is. “You get two pokes before he’s done and by then he’ll learn how to get out of it.”

Yes it is/was an abscess. They gave him a quick nap and lanced it open and cleaned it out. He doesn’t have a suture to re-close this wound and I’m told within a day or so it would self seal. I don’t have to flush it out at home. He can be given metacam for pain and it on antibiotics for at least a week. I really am not sure since I haven’t read the directions yet. I’m not looking forward to starting the course this evening.

When you attempt to give Little Bastard any medication, you may actually get it into his mouth during the fight, but my little man will hold it in his mouth and not actually swallow it. He hasn’t had antibiotics yet so maybe I am in luck, but I doubt it.

As for the affected area; there is already scar tissue from his removal and this drainage. If the abscess does not clear up with this treatment then it will have to be removed surgically.

Rat Health Guide to Abscess