I’ve got a bit more information together regarding this post

“I’m curious why the offering is now Starbucks gift cards instead of the usual pet grab bag? I was only able to use half of the items and donate the rest since my dog is obnoxiously small, but Starbucks rewards aren’t anything you can share with your pet. $10 Target cards would at least allow me to get something for my pet. I’m not really complaining but I don’t see how it fits in with the program or helping others. I’ve donated several items to the AZ Humane Society if I don’t divvy them out with family members.”

Petmate decided to switch up the panel reward for a little while, but I
imagine they’ll return to dog toys again at some point. I like your idea of
the Target gift card instead too. Petmate has been considering making a
donation to animal shelters instead of sending rewards to panelists. Do you
think that is a good idea?

The correspondence was over a month ago and I haven’t came up with anything useful to send back, but I did get invites today and now have the cat panel information:

Petmate Cat Panel

Petmate Dog Panel