As Little Bastard has gotten older I would like to spoil him.
He’s been a single rat for more than six months now and I have thought about getting him a new cage, however I have to think ahead on his safety.

His muscle coordination is not what it used to be and he wavers in stance at the front of the cage, sitting on the open door and waiting for treats.

I’m not happy with the selection of awesome cages right now for my aging little guy. The vertical spacing is steep and I don’t trust it any longer. I started to get rid of vertical spacing this past summer. The Captain came down with neurological issues and started falling. Damien had confined himself in a weakened state to the uppermost level of the cage. When my two guys had passed on, I took back out one of the commercial guinea pig cages. The space available to Little Bastard is now WIDER and if we wanted to add levels, Dismal would make something out of woven Jute rope so that Lbs would have landings.
I do wish he has a bit more vertical space but my priority is to make sure he stays safe in his surroundings. When he gets restless and starts staring at me from his wooden bridge, we just take him out and let him roam the house for a half hour or so, until he starts to get into trouble chasing a cat or heading upstairs.