I’ve crossed this with other guinea pig owners and it’s fairly common if you have more than two guinea pigs.

The dead guinea pig dream.

I had another dream last night. This usually coincides with someone getting very sick or dying within the month. Right now the girls all seem ok but I have four ladies, ages 6 months to about 5 1/2 years old. The past two times I’ve had these dreams it’s been hard to get an answer out of anyone. Most times I’m in a panic just to find out where my babies are and people keep being elusive to me. This just heightens the paranoia about something drastic going on. Last time I only found 3 (and had five living) and that someone had neglected them in some way. This time they were neglected again. I dreamt that I was out of town for less than two weeks and they were all dead, but they weren’t all my current guinea pigs.

I dreamt that when someone finally showed Chai that she was the one with all the bladder sludge lately and ended up with cystitis. I found Coco, who died in August. I found Cori, who died in August. I never have Callie show up in these dreams at all, ever.

In reality I have Chai, Skeeter, Callie and Mu-Xi. Since Callie evades me in every bad dream, I am beginning to over analyze it.

I’ve been having these dreams since 2009… At least the ones I recall.