It should only be a matter of time before you start seeing Harrison’s Lifetime or High Potency FINE back in stock at your local bird supply.

On February 2nd from their Facebook reads:
Back in stock! High Potency Fine and Adult Lifetime Fine.
Included in the post is a link to their personal shopping page from the Harrison’s website.

I went to my local Dalton Birds today to visit the employees and birds and it hadn’t come in yet.

Dismal said we’re almost out of our bag at home.
Birds have to eat.
I picked up the last 5 lb bag they had in Lifetime Fine whereas I’m accustomed to buying it in 1lb bags.
I also grabbed millet and another toy for the cage and got to talking about bird bread. Someone had special ordered some Harrison’s bird bread months back and never came in for it. It’s dated November 2011/Sell By. If I don’t smell any oils turning rancid then we’re going to give it a try.