Sept 21 Emerson seems to be doing ok today, but not as bright as this morning.

Last night he was isolated in his partition of the cage on a white towel. After two hours, there were no potty spots at all. My boy had no output… Not even a pee. I went and checked his boy parts and swabbed him with mineral oil.

He was a lump of piggie. No fever, no drooling, no screaming, no whining, no fleeing, etc. Dismal and I though we felt a weird thing going on in the deep tissue towards the left, abdominally. I gave him metacam and forced him to drink water which has crushed vitamin c tablet in it. After an hour we did Critical Care hand feeding. He didn’t want any of it and fought me wildly with monkey paws. Then we went to bed.

This morning there were tiny pitiful poos strewn about. The food I left him was gone. The hay I left him was gone. He was drinking water from the bottle. One of these stringy things were stuck to his skirt and another on the towel. It’s like twisted, threads of butt stuff with air bubbles trapped in it like cellophane.

WTF, right?

I’ll get him together again in a few hours and put him back through mom treatment and change him to another white towel. No blood. Yay.

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