Sick guinea pig.
$1600 guinea pig snubbed his nose this morning at banana. That’s fine. It’s not his favorite. Tonight he wouldn’t even come forward to see what was for snacks when I handed out watermelon. Captain Pinky Beard LOVES his watermelon.

Pick him up and no squeak. Feel up his business and no screams of the usual No Moleste’.

He’s tired. No fever. No drooling. No drastic weight loss though his grams are negligible. Outright refusal of Critical Care feeding.

I’m upset.
My first guinea pig, Her Royal Highness Princess Cabrielle Ruler of all She Surveys(Cabby for short), died like this. We ran some tests and did a course of enro and she fought me tooth and nail about the tube food and a week later she was dead.

I need a plan. I still haven’t paid off my dead guinea pig from last month. It’s going to be $300 for Emerson if/when I take him in.

Mommys have to have level heads and inside we fall apart.
Plan tonight it new pig pen bedding. Partition Emmy. White towel only on Emerson. Observe all potty breaks. Color variations give me an idea if it’s bladder related like a uti or bladder stone formation. If he’s in the open pushing out a potty instead of in a hidey I can hear or see if he strains.

It’s 6:45pm. Nothing can be accomplished today on a professional medical opinion and nothing with me accomplished if I fall apart.