My guinea pig went to the vet today, presenting an undetermined illness.

She’s guarding her tummy (red rear feet), exhausted, almost at a fever, walking around lame, loose stools, possible wheeze and NO urine scald or crystals.

The vet asked how long she’s been hairless. “as long as I’ve had her”
Is that normal? Is there a hairless guinea pig? “yeah if they have a little it’s a Skinny and if it’s totally nude it’s a Baldwin”

Yes, I was at an Exotics vet but apparently Skinnies are a rarity that he’s never treated one.

We did a fecal exam and blood work. The poop happened because I said she’d not peed in an hour, can we check for any blockages (stone) and what palpated out was a poozer.
Blood work normal. Slight dehydration but the organs were within range.

The techs gave her subcutaneous fluids in the room with me. She had three humps.

Generics Baytril and Metacam to be administered. Partition on white towel in cage and monitor; supplement Critical Care(Oxbow Small Animal Health) as needed.

I get her home in her partition and she pees blood.