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It’s not -perfect- but it was great on a short notice.
Pet expos and customer appreciation days are opportune times to try out new products. Even if you aren’t sure you are interested in said product because of cost or availability, DO NOT SKIP A FREE SAMPLE.

You can donate them, give them to friends or pull a stunt like the images show in this posting.

When giving pets a new food it is best to transition them slowly, over at least a week, tapering them off the old food and onto the new. This helps curb digestive issues.

I hoard samples.
I know why. I’m not proud of it.
The nearest stores within walking distance all sell cat food I would not feed the kids. The other stores are farther away and my car is broken until October.
My kitties are maybe going to feel yucky for a day or two but not as bad as they or I would feel by giving them Friskies, Cat Chow or something similar. Their bowl ran dry and now it’s full of a variety of mid-premium samples.

I also have a stack of coupons.

Most sample bags now have coupons on the back.

While I was at it Lila has dog food to last a week. I smelled it. I threw it away and did the same to her.
Pet food contains oils/fats and over time they start to go rancid. Now, even if you don’t know what rancid dog food starts to smell like, it should still smell like a fresh bag of dog food while being kept in an airtight container in a dark pantry.

Lila was excited to try some of it while I was opening them. I probably should have done it 2 weeks ago. Dear, middle-aged, snaggle-toothed dog, I am sorry.

Temporarily upset tummies are better than empty tummies or those full of nutritionally deficient corn dense cookie cutter grocery store pet food.