My brother just got in from Texas a few days ago.
My best boy, Tommy, does not like him.
He’s very leary of him.
He stays upstairs and does not come when called for snacks or wet food and MY BOY IS A FOODIE.
I went upstairs today and sat on my floor and Tom came out from under the bed with a short meow at me and immediately started cuddling around me. We talked. He acknowledged that he already knew about the pee in my brother’s bag. He wouldn’t admit to it and didn’t tell me if he put his sissy, Yue, up to it.
Dismal said his cat wouldn’t do that while I say that I know his cat used to relieve herself in our bed after I brought Tommy home.
Those two cats are thick as thieves. Yue has been staying upstairs with Tom and is scared of my brother. They spent yesterday afternoon on the top of my stepson’s bunk bed.
How do they get up there?

I’m stressed, obviously. I brought my brother here for reasons that would benefit him. I’m working with him and he hasn’t done anything to my cats and my boy just simply says NO.

Tommy peaks around the bottom of the stairs with his eyes completely black to gauge if my brother is in the apartment or outside somewhere.

My Gargoyle is my best friend. I felt bad enough when I brought the first Conure home and said he couldn’t have his own bird. Now, he doesn’t feel comfortable in his home. I have had people stay here before without this kind of stress… People in multiple numbers at one time that even came with a pair of WOLVES.

It’ll get better, maybe. I’m refocusing by trying to get involved in a rescue and recording my weight and daily intake. I’ll snuggle my boy tonight.