I’ve seen them use the term on Etsy. It’s laughable with most things they create and I think it’s more like recycling but hey, people buy this stuff.

I’ve been doing Upcycling around here lately.

Since my babies all died last month I have been doing some sewing around here. I’m not especially good at it but I’ve been using old bedding from the kids from simple baby blanket throws to pillow cases and sheets. I sewed a hanging tube Hammock for my solo rat, Little Bastard. He’s a hairless and now with Damien gone he needs his warmth options. It’s cute but very girly. It’s purple with butterflies and lined in fleece. He doesn’t care.

He also has a wall hammock with spiderman that he can walk through with the sides open.

I was organizing my closet of small animal things and found an old ferret hammock frame. Dandy.

When Yue was a kitten up through her teens she would sleep on a crappy hammock I made from a towel and keyrings. This was for my guinea pigs! When I couldn’t find this cat, she was sleeping with the piggies. Eventually she got too big and the sides of the pen would bow under her weight. I took it down.

This ferret hammock used to be in the pig pen as well. They soiled the liner. It was a red hammock and ended up being stiff and with a big beige diamond shape in it. Cripes. Not enough laundering in the world…

I took an old bath towel and sewed up a brand new pad for the ferret hammock for Yue, since it has it’s own frame. This didn’t work for Yue as my other cat Rex found his crowning glory. He now sleeps downstairs sometimes. The middle of the hammock touches the floor. I didn’t account for his weight, only hers. He doesn’t care.

Now, if you aren’t handy you can always donate things. If the Humane Society or shelter can’t immediately use them, many of these groups run thrift shops as well.

Old fabric and towels are highly desired for animal care.