I believe around July I went soliciting.
My green cheek conures were being moved from a performance diet to a maintenance diet soon.

I’m a member of Avian Avenue for my birds and I have seen this go on from time to time with different results.
My username there is different but I’m easy to find.

I asked a few different companies, via email, if they had any samples to try. Many weren’t offering anything. Some changed their program.

I received something in the mail from Roudybush without a reply first.
Pretty Bird was a complete bust. At the time they had a link on their site for samples that said “under construction” so I sent in inquiry. Denied. They don’t offer free samples.
Tops said no.
Lafeber was reasonable. They didn’t outright say no. They are more than happy to send out a sampler pack for your bird at $4.95 including a $5 coupon towards your next purchase but you have to contact their customer service. I haven’t tried this.
Harrison’s, my personal brand, offered me some samples I was interested in and they sent them to me at the same time as I ordered their vinyl Bird Lover’s sticker for 25 cents. I received an extra vinyl and 2 packets of the Coarse Pepper. I did break down the samples for the conures but they love it.
Higgins said no as well.

Cost of doing business I suppose.
My parents said it never hurts to try.