No, but you can help yourself!

I’ve went on before about “Short Shelf Life” buys.

They ask me in the pet stores about helping me find anything and it just doesn’t work. I shop on clearance a million times a year and the only thing I ever know I’m hoping to walk out with once a month is cat food. I’ll go to four different places before I find it on the right “Manager’s SPECIAL” but I usually come out with a new toy for the dog (to which I always have a preset $3 spending limit), bedding for the rat, snacks for the birds etc. I’ll get something on the cheap that someone in the house can use.

Tommy’s Cheap Favorites:
99 cent cat grass for the Drinkwell Fountain
Seagrass scratching post for $7 and a half
we found this cute crab toy for 98 cents at Petco. HEY FREE SHIPPING I PICKED IT UP shhhhhhhush

Lila’s cheap favorites:
Martha Stewart Crochet squeakers. Last season’s produce line was marked down to roughly $1 and change. We have an orange, eggplant and tomato. These are excellent.

Rex’s cheap favorites:
old newspaper – not even kidding
Cat beanbag No longer available but due to closeouts this was reduced to $4 from an original $19.99. We have tan and green ones.

The parrot’s cheap favorites:
Polly’s Portable Stand
This came without the cup for $7. I picked one up later for $3.98
Acrylic and cement posable ladders from TJMAXX for about $8 to get two of them
corn litter
They used to carry a medium size that was $19.99 down to $9 a sack 🙂

The guinea pig herd’s cheap favorites:
donut cat beds anywhere between $2-4

There are awesome things out there if you just walk through the entire store. Pet supermarkets are becoming as common as Starbucks locations and easy to just pop into.