I’ve been doing this for years. If you write a letter of gratitude or even positive optimism about trying a product for a company you may get something in return.

It’s always very useful when you have a family this big to tell them you like them, you’ve heard nothing but positive things about them and that you’re socially active, lol.

The more popular you are, the more awesome the rewards.
I have an acquaintance that runs a pet blog, writes articles, does interviews etc and rescue work. She actually gets to test products for companies and review them and provide discount links.

Word of Mouth Marketing is a powerful business tool.
You may receive a simple thank you, coupons for your next product, free samples, coupons for your friends or nothing at all.
It never hurts to try and it always helps to tell people about products that you find that work for your pet family.

I’ll be following up with an additional posting on positive experiences and paying attention to details in general living as well as with the pets involving discounts.