I don’t have a job. For two weeks I was only giving the piggie wigs hay and produce snacks. We were out of pellets.

Three of my pigs are underweight as is. I decided to grab a box of some weird stuff with my unemployment pay as soon as it came in. It’s got pellets with nuts and stuff and grasses and flowers. It was cheaper at $8 than the $13 they wanted for a sack of Oxbow at Petsmart.

Oi, then I went to Petco. They had a bogo with a $3 coupon off on this stuff called Nature’s Benefit by Kaytee. I loathe supporting Kaytee like I loathe getting produce at Walmart. These 2 boxes ran me $12. Cool.

Went to another Petco today in Scottsdale since we were on errands. This time I had a survey coupon with me for another $2 off. Two more boxes at $10.

THEN I WENT TO A PETSMART in Phoenix on the way home…
Rawr much.

Close out: $9.67
Short shelf life: 50% off
each box had the $3 coupon

I do good. I do better. I do flipping awesome and I get pissed with myself.