Have you ever seen one of these?

The cat always manages to nestle into your pair of jeans on the floor before you come back to put them in the hamper?

I’m used to seeing Yue cat going to town trying to sleep in a pair of my jeans, pj pants, shorts etc. The more they’ve been worn the better! The hotter the temperature that day makes them age like a fine wine into a delicacy… ummmm ummmm.
Dear gods this cat is so gorgeous but full of kink; I live outside of Phoenix AZ USA

I came up the stairs the other night to grab something from the bedroom and the light was off, per the usual. I rounded the corner and hit the light on in the bathroom and there is Yue, rolling around on the floor with a hot pink thong as though it were a pound of catnip. She paused for only a moment and went right back into this pervy little engagement with my drawers. I turned off the light and walked past her to head back downstairs.

Downstairs I told her daddy what she’d been up to as we were both occupied in the kitchen getting something to drink and chatting. Just when we’d turned to go back to the living room, I froze. I blinked a few times and then remembered to breathe and started laughing rather obnoxiously.
“Honey, look at your cat.”

Yue just chilled there while we both found our camera phones and took our own memories, respectively.

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