On June 15th my employment was terminated. The vaccinations are going to wait. I was there for 4 years. This is weird. Most jobs I have had before working for this company led to an employment period of less than I year. I am not very prepared to care for my animals without this job, but we are trying.

A few days ago I rehomed my oldest male guinea pig. These 2 sisters responded appropriately to my craigslist ad and brought their sow over to meet him and it went well. The other guinea pig lived alone, was of like size and age and he went home with them.

My reasoning for letting him go of all seven I had was that he was big and aggressive toward Emerson. What I was wanting to accomplish was being able to open the split pen back up to encourage my older ladies to start moving more during their health issues.

Coco is small, exhausted and has discomfort from cysts. She cannot be spayed at her size. Cori is hypertensive and cannot be spayed at her size. Callie is obese and CANNOT BE SPAYED BECAUSE MOM CAN’T KEEP A JOB.

all caps. Ok I’m done.