It’s that time of year and I hate it hate it hate it. If you don’t keep up with them then all the tests have to be reran before you can begin the vaccinations again. Fortunately, the only one for the dog that I’m lapsed on, really, is her heartworm and by a few months. The heartworm test runs approximately $25 and then preventative can be upwards of $35 for a six months supply, however my Ry(Lila) is under 15lbs so she saves me money. Woot.

Rex needs another rabies because I only have a history on him for the past year. The second rabies shot in Arizona is good for 3 years.
All four cats need their 4in1 and the FeLV
The dog needs her parvo mixed shot and the bordatella. Bordatella is somewhat optional if your dog is a shut in. They have to have it if they are going to be boarded anywhere and can contract it from other dogs by facial contact, I believe.

Ideally, I am looking at $200.
5 animals at $200?

Because I’m cheap. Go away. lol.

This is how I function. I don’t like to pay for office visits and I try to find some clinics that will work well.
However, this year I am already irritable because I had a day back in April where all 4 cats rode with me from Gilbert/Queen Creek to Tempe to be boarded. All the meowing and panting makes me nuts. Tommy did great on the trip but my bub gets the barfs after about a half hour. He says little else the entire ride until the heaving kicks in. I’ve tried having him locked up or sitting in my lap. It never changes.

Previously I have used 2 services:
The Vaccination Station, whose prices are pretty reasonable. They were using The Pet Club within my area but Pet Club has now switched to these guys.

I have also used The Humane Society but it’s way the eff over in Ahwahtukee.

This year there is another option that I’ve never used, and boy am I rough at math. Dismal usually goes over these things and then I figure out time, money and gas.
Vetco Clinic at Petco. The pricing here looks slightly excessive and they focus on an overall health solution for the animals, pushing packages and I only needs things here and there.

But, I did find a Friends and Family Discount Card- 20% off your total purchase that I received at the Phoenix Pet Expo.