After a week on the antibiotics Cloud was not peeing blood anymore, or really anything at all. But everyday when I was coming home from work or waking up in the morning, she was soaked with urine. This would not go well. Bladder stone?


It was a bladder stone.
She couldn’t pee around it and her guts were swelling a bit from the strain and pressure. The xray showed what looked like at least a 5mm pebble. A single piece was causing all the issue. The billing would run between $600-800 dollars and that is IF things went well. Cloud has never liked being touched and there was never a gentle nibble from her ever, when she wanted to go back to the pen. She’s a biter.

Money is not the sole issue. I have had cheaper procedures done with a much higher success rate and still lost Chloe. I have had multiple procedures done in Emerson and he doesn’t act like he has a care in the world other than food, noogies and giving Coriander inappropriate haircuts the Satin Silky.

The money was a huge consideration. Cloud’s temperament was as well. This was going to be more invasive than her spay this spring. Bladder stones are often a recurring issue.

Dr. Johnson and I talked about it a bit and I signed the consent for euthanization.
When asked if I wanted to see her I told him, “she was already mad at me today for doing all of this. I am sure she doesn’t want to see me”.
I signed the consent for communal cremation and that’s it.

I had a hard time driving the entire way home. I keep going over everything in my mind and my inner voice is screaming that I can find a way, please don’t kill her. My eyes are still burning and tearful.