This woman has been amazing since day 1. She’s very nice and fast to communicate when you have questions. I got in an Earth Day sale she was having at the time for my C&C cage liners and this new material she was using instead of towels. It put her on a backorder of almost 7 weeks. The craftsmanship is still great after at least a dozen washes and because the order was so far behind, we were offered to choose a bed for each pen I have.

I decided to inquire about the quality of the Zorb and why they are no longer listed on her website:

I don’t see the liners with that ZorbEez stuff being offered anymore. Did you get negative feedback or just that the supplier isn’t moving any more orders? We aren’t really digging them too much here since we placed the last order and are waiting for another $100-200 and a good sale to move back over to towel liners.

The quality of materials from the zorb manufacturer got worse and worse. The procare (backing) got thinner and thinner with each order. I was very unhappy with both that and their inability to fulfill my larger orders in a timely manner. The fabric you got was actually way better than what they started sending me. It’s just too much of a hassle to deal with them, and not worth it in my opinion.


She’s willing to work with me on a discount for a future purchase and now has listed in it’s place a new reversible fleece mat with toweling for the center.

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