There is this thing about Tom. I have been making his food for over 3 1/2 years, and that was the only way to afford to feed him. This year his overactive thyroid was cured and he’s back to eating 5 ounces per day again.

This is going to be a strange read, because I haven’t given the flow of what I’m feeling a thorough picking over.

I’m nervous, but it’s probably because there is nothing to worry about other than what’s already been done. Tommy is CKD stage 2, stable, and the food he’s moving to has been given to Stewart for over 6 months. I get Answers through my job. He’s already been taking their Fermented Fish Stock and their Raw Goat’s Milk. I wanted to be sure he’s okay with the fermentation and the pH adjustment. I don’t recall the benefits of the fish stock in CDK, but both products are digestible animal-based and low in phosphorus. His stools have been getting much better although we still keep him on two small doses of MiraLAX during the day. I had never had his biopsy done to determine IBD, and at this point I really don’t care. He is stable.

When I was making his food we were using Dr. Pierson’s recipe with some adjustment. I had a very long Skype with her a few years ago, but she’s not taking meetings currently. This also left me feeling like I was sitting on my hands at Tom’s latest diagnosis because she was reviewing medical records and labs, and would adjust you to a CKD recipe she felt would be beneficial for your cat.
Here is where we started on

Part of the homemade diet was adding a few supplements to make sure there were plenty, if any had degraded when you’re in the habit of freezing it. His original recipe had a huge amount of B vitamin and fish oil, and I read that B vitamins and Omega 3 (not 6) may be of assistance given his kidney health. What I’m getting at is that I knew he can accept it because we’ve done it, but with a commercial food I am not in control. I got B12 chewables that he and Stewart already like, so I don’t have to worry about injections. I got the Omega 3 tincture from Nordic Naturals from work so it’s just 3/4 dropper and go. No pumps, or measuring with a teaspoon, or capsules. But now I see there is a separate one for cats so I’m about to call their customer service and ask why? This is for cats and dogs.

Then I got distracted and have no real way to wrap up what I’m talking about.