Things are truly out of our hands with our cat. I can’t put any weight on him. He keeps having issues with intermittent constipation, which bring vomiting and a bit of diarrhea. He screwed up in November and went to the ER for an enema. I screwed up in November by realizing that he can’t eat pork. Awesome. Then we were so bothered by his needing the enema, that we gave him a bit more Miralax. Turns out that when his stomach gets empty, too much Miralax ends up giving him indigestion or something and he vomits on an empty stomach. We backed off a little, and then he was constipated and crying 2 nights ago.

That’s it. I’m done. One month he was vomiting by midnight because I put pork in their food batch that month. Then he’s vomiting slicks up because of the Miralax. This month, he’s been vomiting up unformed hairballs because Climate Change, and he hates to be groomed. Now, we are back to his butt. We’ve been putting Weruva Pumpkin Patch Now! in his food the last few days and I put another case on order from work, and I’m not giving him Miralax for his final feeding of the day so it’s not on his stomach for bed time.

He has an appointment at the vet on Tuesday. Senior exam, blood panel, possible +T4, and they request a stool sample. While I am there I will get their opinion on needing an ultrasound to determine IBD, and if they feel it’s a good fit then I will get an estimate and figure it out in the short future. This bub also needs his teeth cleaned.

November radiology