We received our first two Catkits in 2017 as a part of running updates and sharing what you can expect.
Our first Health Reports were assigned to Tommy Gargoyle. Princess Yue Pants has not received hers. Stewart was tested as well after he was accepted to participate in their research for his asthma, and has yet to have his Health Report.

This post is going to be IMAGE HEAVY, so we’re doing smaller images, but you can click on them to enlarge.

This is what a Tommy Gargoyle is

This is what a Princess Yue Pants looks like

Please observe:

Check out Tommy’s percentage based on a breed he most closely resembles

Compare Princess Yue Pant’s percentage to the same breed

Cat breeding is not dog breeding. Cats like to breed themselves. Cat genes are spread wide and diluted. Cat genetics are now being explored and analyzed in Basepaws’ database of exceptional cats just like yours. The information and findings are always evolving. This is why you receive lifetime updates, so when you may think you have your cat figured out, you’ll continue learning new things. Basepaws is providing great forwards through the different sections of your report. Check this out:

My bubba has A LOT of polycat. “Celebrate your mutt”

Because of Tommy’s exceptional Mutt status, his breeds he identifies with tend to be around 50% or less.

His general groupings

His summary highlights.
His Health Report is ready. What’s that about?

You receive a Health Report forward

Here’s a snip of the genes tested and result

Today, his total report is 34 pages. Certain breeds get removed and updated and consolidated at different points as they process more proven purebreds to make the database for that breed more distinct. There used to be Turkish Angora and Siamese, but those are down right now. Also, the Persian group changed.

I’ll let you know what comes up for us next.