I love the cleanprotein concept. Cats are Obligate Carnivores, so instead of going by the simple AAFCO mandates about protein levels in cat food being met, Dr. Elsey’s uses the more digestible animal proteins to attain their protein percentage. I have seen foods use soy and other vegetation to state its a high protein food, when in reality, your cat isn’t meant to eat that.

We received our samples of the kibble in 2017, and it was widely received by our cats, even though our boys aren’t supposed to be on kibble. The girls are still eating it today. I realized that there were several new varieties of canned available now, so I requested whatever they could send me so that we can put up a new review.

He was hoping I would open them

“100% Grain-Free, Gluten-Free, No Fillers or Artificial Preservatives, Non-GMO, For All Life Cycles”

We have a very wet pate. They mean it when they state No Fillers. When you stir it well, you end up with a great stew consistency. Their turkey is the most favored flavor on Chewy, so that will be the one for our short video.

I fed these to my ladies, and they aren’t partial to fish. The ocean whitefish and the salmon are even a bit looser in texture, and Yue tried the ocean whitefish while Amalie tried neither. The salmon was left behind in the dish, unharmed. All other flavors did very well.

They run great sales from time to time on Chewy.com so try some with your regular order.