Idris turned 7 and decided to be the nastiest bird to our middle fid, Koi Monkey. Koi has a wife named Jak. Idris doesn’t have a wife, and decided this year would be hers.


They had to be separated. Idris has been in the poquito hotel for about two weeks, but I couldn’t be sure. I split her up from the flock somewhere between taking Murphy to the vet, coming down with a head cold, taking Murphy back to the vet, getting over the head cold, keeping all appointments this week, grocery shopping…

But today there is a sleepover for Dismal’s youngest child. I came home with Child #2 from doing a run to fill a cardboard box with sushi rolls from $5 Friday, and also came back with the turkey thighs I need to make my males’ cat food next week…


“Where’s Idris’ cage?”

He’d put it away and put all the birds back together. I was horrified. Today is not the day to test me.

I now realize why at 9:33pm ET my back is hurting again. As soon as I saw the birds, I was doing all kinds of contortions rearranging their cage. I moved everything, and I was prepared for this day to come. JUST. NOT. TODAY.

The girls have always slept together in a medium Happy Hut. It’s gone into storage. I ordered Kings Cozy Hideout Large from Kathie with MySafeBirdStore two weeks ago. I also put a new seagrass play mat on the opposite wall from where I normally hang them. Tonight, I went couponing and got one of these to hang from their java stand. They even got a new boing last month.

Jak was the first to go enjoy the Kings Cozy. She was so excited. Eventually everyone checked things out and were chirping about it all.
Idris hasn’t attacked Koi, and Koi isn’t running away from her in a panic, asking for human intervention.

This was four days ago when I had to play birb for Idris again during her time out.