And you know what I did? I didn’t display all 4 flavors.

This a 4 flavor variety pack. See: 1, 2, 3…. ah man.

Chewy let us pick this heavy variety pack of chicken blends to try with the girls for free, so long as the ladies remain brutally honest with their feelings.

Goldie Lox and the 3 Fares went great. Here’s where you order yours: click

By the time I noticed I didn’t snap all four cans, it snowed, the guinea pig got sick, I got sick, the guinea pig got sick again, one of my parrots is now a homewrecker after trying to steal someone’s wife, both cars went to the shop, and I was an irresponsible photographer. 24 6oz cans. It would seem like ton of food if your cat has a waist to manage, but these are very light in calories all around. “Recipe contains no grains, gluten, potatoes, GMO ingredients, MSG or carrageenan, so it’s great for cat with allergies.” They didn’t stuff it with carbs and vegetables. Yay!

Caloric Content
Chicken Frick A Zee: 147 kcal/can

Funk in the Trunk: 95 kcal/can

Goldie Lox: 101 kcal/can

The Double Dip: 124 kcal/can

Let’s talk about Goldie Lox. These ladies of mine do not eat fish. Shellfish, yes. Fishy fish? No. But all these are poultry blends from
(I’m going to go layman here): chicken chicken, chicken pumpkin, chicken beef, and chicken fishy. Any option may come suspended in an au jus, or a consomme, but they all need a good stir w a fork and to me seem like they are in a gelee.

Amalie and Princess Yue Pants

And lastly, the first thing I noticed *I should be a filmmaker* is that these larger cases of canned food are now being protected by a heavy cardboard shell over the top of the cans.

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