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Stewart is down a half pound over the last six months, so he’s allowed to eat a bit more. Tommy has a chronically bony butt, and this boundless energy. Tom has been getting 6 1/2 ice cubes per day, plus 4 tablespoons Stella and Chewy (before re-hydration).
Except now for some weird reason this guy has been vomiting from getting more than 2 tablespoons S&C, but he needs those calories.
I figured that if I just made more of his regular food, I’m actually saving money. It’s cheaper than buying S&C, and I’m not wasting money if he’s not barfing it up.

We’ve been using all the skins (calories) on the turkey thighs for the homemade mix, along with the bone in ground rabbit. Dr Pierson lists bone in meat to bone less meat as a 2:1 , but when I Skyped her last summer she suggested to do our bone in/bone less at 1:1 to dilute the mineral content. Issue with this is breaking down the recipe…it works in batches of three pounds of meat. I’ve been using 9 lbs of rabbit and 9 lbs of turkey, but 18 lbs meat plus liquids is not enough. My intention is to take this up another third and start using 12 lbs of rabbit to 12 lbs of turkey. The original 18 lbs + does not cover the guys for 30 days, I am almost sure of it, and now they need more food.

I think I need more ice cube trays. I’ve got about a month to save money on ice cube trays.

I added the ice cube trays to my Honey Droplist (monitors price drops and emails them to me). My Honey Gold (so much Gold coming from shopping at Macy’s online this quarter) should be ready to cash out soon.

If you’d like to check out Honey, here’s my invitation. I run the extension on my browser. It checks for coupon codes and can also earn you “Gold” back from purchases made online.

Until December 31 is running a 10% off $100 gift card purchases with promo code 10%off100GC . They have a very large selection of meats to put your raw recipe together.