I was going to put together a list of things I enjoy for my cats, and that you may as well for the holidays, but life once again happened. My mental health is oh so wonderful this time of year in a part of the country that still believes in changing time twice a year. In Arizona, I had more sunshine, and had a bit more gusto. My depression has kicked in, my physician moved my appointment back a month, then hasn’t refilled all my medications in a few weeks, and one of my very good friends decided things were unbearable and decided to take leave of this realm, without any goodbyes.

Things have been a little… different?

Now because of where we are in the month of December, tradition says my partner take his children to see their family, and I will get him back in about a week. Hopefully, this time the children won’t return until New Year, but that’s out of my control. I prefer more stillness and less stimuli, but I realize that while I am the only human in this house, the animals will not leave me alone! You really don’t appreciate the presence of that co-pet-parent in the house until you’ve walked around with Tommy Gargoyle up your bum the entire day.

I’ve been working on house work, and THERE HE IS. Laundry, sweeping, breaking down boxes and taking out recycling, resetting and cleaning the litter boxes, taking out the trash, feeding the girls, chatting with Koi, Jak, or Murphy… THERE HE IS. Mom takes a potty break? THERE HE IS.

When I take a break, or intermission from this dramedy, I look over to see my high red little pineapple conure hanging out 7 feet away from the big cage, looking at me all happy with her floofy going on, feeling that this is Spending Time with Mom. Idris is literally on the cat tree, feeling safe and comfortable, nearby her human.

Feeding schedule for the boys is 5:55 am, 9:15 am, 12n, 3 pm ALL CATS GET SNACKS, 5:30 pm, 9:35 pm.

My guinea pig gets morning salad and asks for treats all day. My birds start out by getting their UV lamp on and my handing them Nutriberries. By 10 am their cage ends up being opened and left open for most of the day except errands and impossible behavior, like chasing the cat.

There is no time for staying in bed. I took liberties today because I got up at 3 am for an airport run, took a 45 minute nap when I got home, fed them, went back to bed, fed them, and slept on the couch until noon through parts of Reservoir Dogs and Dawn of the Dead.

I’m just going to leave this here and call it a day:


Please do not eat that. I had a coupon for $1/2, and the girls prefer poultry. They have eaten Solid Gold wet foods before, and this one (I swear) wasn’t even wet. It’s mousse, pate, and shreds. I put some bone broth over it, and the girls drank the broth but would not consume this “triple-threat wet food… Your cat won’t even know she’s eating a meal that supports her healthy digestion with real pumpkin.”

Well to her defense: she didn’t know this -was- a meal.

The regular cans and Tropical Blendz were good.